Sunday, February 7, 2010

Before and After

Above -- there's a walk under there somewhere

Above:  after digging out.

It was a beautiful day today, with the clear, vividly blue sky and snow-covered tree branches silhouetted against it.

Hope your day was beautiful too.


Porch Days said...

You dug out very neatly. I've been shoveling and sweeping off the car. It was fun to watch the birds flock to the feeder.

Pam said...

I too am impressed with how weel you dug out. We tend to have hamster trails that still have a pack of snow on the bottom when we are done. Especially when- as of late- it is to cold for the salt to work.

raven said...

I agree that you dug out the snow very neatly. Even the car is clean. It is nice to know that you had a good day. Thank you for sharing and more power.

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