Sunday, September 28, 2008

A great man

He was so awesomely good looking. Every woman of my generation was in love with him, and every man wanted to be him. But his inner beauty was even greater than his external appearance. He was a good man, humble, and generous to an extent most of us can never know. It is hard to accept that he is gone, but all who saw his memorable performances will be grateful for the memories. Deepest sympathy to his wife, Joanne Woodward, to his children and other family members, and to all others who knew him and loved him.
This photo appeared on a number of internet sites. I was unable to determine it's origin. If anyone can tell me the source, I will gladly give credit where credit is due.
Joanie 9/28/2008


The Old Painted Cottage said...

Just wanted to drop by and thank you for weighing in on my latest post. Everyone's thoughts and opinions are very valuable to me.


Becky said...

He was a good man. Having a Hollywood legion remain faithful to his wife is something I wish we saw more often out of Hollywood.