Friday, May 1, 2009

Where's Mama Robin?

My sister gave me a basket that hangs on a wall. It now hangs on the wall next to my side porch. Each year I plant it with annuals. The other day I discovered that a bird had made a nest in the basket, and there was a single, robins-egg blue egg in the nest, but no robins hovered nearby. I have looked at the nest every day since, but no sign of any birds near the nest, only the solitary egg. I see plenty of robins elsewhere in the yard, but none seems to pay any attention to this nest. What could have happened to the mama robin? I hate to think of the possibilities.


nanny said...

you have many beautiful pictures on your blog, I love them all. I can relate to your mom's saying...being trapped in an old body...time flies by way to quickly! I still feel like I did as a teenager, well except for my knee and my shoulder/ha
I love my yard work and dread the day I can't do it all!
Have a good day and I will be back.

jan said...

how odd about the egg. hope the momma shows up. wish i could remember that basket!