Thursday, October 22, 2009

Caregivers' survival, part II

A few days ago I wrote about things to do to take care of the caregiver.  I realized later there are other things to add to the list:

HIRE SOME HELP (IF YOU CAN).   I have someone who comes every two weeks to help me catch up on cleaning and laundry.  This lets me have at least a little time to do things for myself.  As women, we have always taken care of so many things ourselves, but especially as we age it becomes difficult to accomplish as much as we once did.  And when we have to care for a loved one, our discretionary time becomes scarce.  So if you can afford it, hire someone to help you.
ACCEPT OFFERS OF HELP FROM FAMILY AND FRIENDS.  It's easy to feel like we'd be imposing on someone who offers to help, or we're concerned that the person doesn't really mean it, and so we say no.  Learn to say yes, at least some of the time.  Have you ever helped someone?  Didn't it make you feel better?  Give others the same chance.

Give yourself a chance to relax a little.



Porch Days said...

You're right to accept help. You need a little time for yourself. That looks like a nice kitty!

Porch Days said...

Hey Joanie,
I would be glad to share my knowledge if you have any questions. My son told me how to make my photos larger, if that interests you. Choose the "Edit Html" tab next to the "Compose" tab. Look at the code for your photo and see the number of pixels (width: 180px; height: 184px;). Add an equal number to height and width. You can also control spacing here. Click the Compose tab and you are done!

Susan (Between Naps on the Porch) said...

Hi Joanie,
Love the kitty pic...toooo cute! He looks quite comfy there. :-)
What great advice you've given, too!