Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Ghost of Halloweens Past

This year, for the first time ever, we did not turn on the porch lights to welcome the trick-or-treaters.  When C. was still in good health, he enjoyed decorating for every occasion and we both loved seeing the little ones in their costumes and giving them their Halloween treats.  Down in the storage area we have lots of Halloween decorations.  But this year C. is in ill health, and all I had time to do was put a fall wreath on the front door and three fake pumpkins (from Target) on the front porch. 
One of my stepdaughters brought me two beautiful chrysanthemum plants that I also put on the front porch; the the next morning deer had eaten them down to stubs.
I know that there are plenty of other houses that will turn on their porch lights to welcome the costumed children.  Hope next year ours will be one of them.


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Porch Days said...

The houses are not close together in our neighborhood and there are not a lot of children. So last year we didn't turn on the outside lights. Boy were we surprised when a couple of children climbed a flight of stairs in the dark to our door! This year we bought candy and turned the lights on - not a single taker! Good thing we like the mini Baby Ruth candies.