Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year's Day 2009

I used to make New Year's resolutions, but every year they seemed to be the same: lose weight, get organized, etc., etc. It is hard to break this habit. This year I still have things I would like to achieve: practice music more; remember birthdays in time to send cards; continue downsizing; be more charitable; plant more flowers; be less impatient; be more expressive of feelings for family and friends.

Our lives don't always progress smoothly. As we age, health issues intrude on our hopes and plans. Coming to terms with the changes aging brings is not easy. In our minds, we are as young as ever, but the image in the mirror is of an older person. I find that I still have ambitions, but everything takes at least twice as long to accomplish (if, in fact, it can even be done). One can easily become depressed unless we focus on what is good -- we are alive, our minds are relatively alert, we can see (with glasses), we can hear (isn't closed captioning wonderful!), we can walk, we can remember (maybe not as quickly as before). We have some precious advantages: we have experience, and we are wiser as a result.
My mother used to say "old age isn't for sissies" and she was right, for sure!

I wish a wonderful 2009 to everyone, but especially those of us who can rightfully claim the moniker of "senior citizen."
Warmest wishes for the new year. Joanie

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Dawnie said...

Happy New Year. I'm Dawn from Wisconsin out visiting blogs!

Ohhh, I am beginning to see and understand what you mean about getting older..I will be 51 in 2 months and yes sometimes I feel like I can conquer the world but my body reminds me its NOT that young anymore.. I actually find myself getting mad when I get tired! Learning to slow down and be ok with that--is something i need to improve on.