Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Have you been to Houzz?

I learn a lot from visiting my favorite blogs.  I'm sure that it was from one of them that I found out about Houzz, but I can't remember which one (darn these senior moments).  I've found a lot of inspiring photos there of beautifully decorated rooms that appeal to me.  Here are a couple of the rooms that I found on Houzz:
The bedroom above appeals to me because of the soft blue color on the walls, the white trim and ceiling, and the warm tones of the wood floor.   
More blues (the good kind) -- in the room shown above. I especially like the white bookcases with the blue background, the upholstered blue and white chairs and pillows, the white kitchen, and the wood floor.  These two pics are just two of the many rooms you can see on houzz.  Enjoy.

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