Friday, September 25, 2009

My New Toy

My sweetie has been ill and I did not expect a birthday gift from him, as he has been unable to get out of the house, except for medical appointments, for a couple of months.  But today a box arrived, and it turned out that it was a birthday gift for me.  It seems he had given money to my son and one of his daughters to get together and come up with a gift for me, and they came up with a doozie:

If you don't recognize it, don't feel bad -- it's not something you see very often today.  It is a "lap steel guitar" made by Fender probably in the 1950s.  I have never played one before, but thanks to the internet there is lots of information available.  I tuned it based on instructions I found online and experimented with it, strumming some chords and singing along, but plan to purchase an instruction book.  At my "advanced" age, I don't want to waste time trying to learn it on my own, as I did with other instruments I learned to play at an earlier age (much earlier, actually).

Wasn't this a wonderful surprise?



Genevieve Ferraro said...

Hi Joanie,

How nice of you to leave a comment on the Jewel Box Home blog! I'm so glad you liked the 'accent chair post'!

And I just love your new toy! What a nice gift. We gave my son a Fender electric guitar for his 18th birthday. But I must say, I much prefer the Fender you received. Your family has terrific taste.



Porch Days said...

Thanks for visiting Porch Days. The lap guitar looks like a lovely gift. My husband once surprised me with a handmade hammered dulcimer. I just couldn't learn to play it on my own. Maybe one day I can find a teacher.